Meagan Good Franklin, La'Myia Good-Bellinger & Dijon Talton Debut New Talk Show | Celebrity Page
The famous family is taking to Zoom to chat with no filter!

'Cousins' Debuts On Omnis 📺

It's a family affair! Meagan Good-Franklin, La'Myia Good–Bellinger and Dijon Talton host the weekly talk show series, Cousins, where the family welcomes special guests and talks current issues facing the world today.

"We kind of just thought to ourselves like... this would be interesting to kind of be a fly on the wall. We say some of the most ridiculous stuff and we're so blatantly honest with each other, even if it hurts sometimes," Meagan Good Franklin said.

"So much comes out of these conversations, that literally changes our lives, a lot of the times," La'Myia Good–Bellinger said.

The show also discusses important and timely topics like the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

"It's just such a time to rise to the occasion as individuals and families and as a community of people," Dijon Talton said.

"As horrible as COVID has been, that's kind of a blessing. People are paying attention in a way that they never have before. It's not like a white or black thing, it's everybody against racism," Good Franklin said.

To watch the latest episodes of Cousins, visit their website on Omnis.

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