The All About That Bass singer and Spy Kids actor are expecting! Meghan Trainor and husband Daryl Sabara, who have been married since 2018, have just announced that they are having a baby.

Christmas music isn't all that this singer is announcing.

Yesterday, Meghan Trainor took to Instagram to announce that two holiday-themed singles have just been released, one being a cover, and one an original done with her brothers. Fans thought that this was the extent of the announcements...

...until 12 hours later! Following the Christmas theme already developing on her Instagram, Trainor posted an ultrasound photograph of her baby among the branches of a Christmas tree, announcing that she is pregnant!

First comes love, then comes know the rest.

Her husband, Daryl Sabara posted the same picture to his Instagram, with the caption expressing his excitement in starting a family. The two started dating in 2016, when they were set up by actress Chloë Grace Moretz and were happily wed two years later. The two are currently parents to two dogs, and from there, their family grows!

Congrats to to Meghan Trainor and Daryl Sabara!

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Wikimedia; Flickr

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