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A little "extra light" was shed on the heavy metal band Metallica after their single, "Enter Sandman," turned out to be a mega-hit. But did it come at the cost of so-called "loyal" fans?

Metallica: The Story of The Songs explores the success of songs like "Enter Sandman," which led to millions of fans around the world. But, it also takes a look at how their success drew criticism from fans.

As Music Journalist Zeena Koda puts it, "Metallica were no longer just a metal band. They were global superstars."

But Music Historian Michael Christopher points out that, "This was the epitome of selling out. And Metallica lost thousands of fans because of this. But they gained millions of fans because of this as well."

So is Metallica one of the greatest Metal bands of all-time? Or another sellout rock group? Share your thoughts with us @celebritypage and watch Metallica: The Story of The Songs Sunday, December 6th, on Reelz.

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