Michael Cassidy & Mike Mosallam Celebrate Diversity In New LGBTQIA+ Film 'Breaking Fast' | CPTV

The new film is the focus of today's Equality Spotlight!

A New Ramadan Rom-Com 🎬

Breaking Fast is the latest film highlighting Muslim and LGBTQIA+ representation!

You might expect a story about a gay, Muslim man to be told in a serious drama or documentary, but Breaking Fast is actually a romantic comedy.

As director and lead writer for the film, Mike Mosallam opened up on his journey creating the new film:

"It is about Mo, who is a gay-practicing Muslim, who is reeling after some heartbreak," Mosallam said.

Fast-forward a year and Mo meets Kal, played by former OC and Men At Work star, Michael Cassidy.

"I want this movie to be in the world. I want people to see it. There's no way that the guy in this movie, who is a devout Muslim, who believes that his faith directly enhances his orientation... can't be the only one. I've never seen that in a movie," Cassidy said.

The film, set during the holy month of Ramadan, finds Mo and Kal getting to know each other during nightly meals after a day of fasting.

"I am a devout Muslim. I love the month of Ramadan. It is at the core of what I know to understand of my faith.. and that is family, togetherness. I hope it is the beginning of storytelling that allows for a more intersectional and nuanced way, so that being Arab is not a monolith, being Muslim is not a monolith, being gay is not a monolith. Let this be one of many films that shares a well-rounded, authentic, nuanced way of living in and looking at the world," Mosallam said."

Breaking Fast is available now on demand!

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