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The most decorated olympian of all-time is going back to the Olympics. 28-time Olympic medal winner Michael Phelps will be in the broadcasting booth for swimming competitions this summer.

Phelps has won 23 gold medals, 3 silver, and 2 bronze over 5 Olympic Games, making him the most decorated Olympian ever and also the Olympian with the most gold medals. His success as an athlete is undeniable and he has followed the precedent of many athletes before him as he steps into the booth to discuss the sport in which he is the greatest of all time.

NBC Sports Group has a division titled NBC Olympics that has worked with Phelps in the past. We saw him cover some of the Olympic trial events in Omaha, Nebraska last month and the continuation into the Olympics is very exciting.

Michael Phelps Last Olympic Race | Rio 2016 

NBC Universal will be covering both the Olympic and Paralympic games and some are wondering if Phelps will be involved there as well or if he may step into broadcasting for other major swim events besides the Olympics.

Phelps has been making huge strides as an influencer in broadcasting, mental health, and much more. He won PRWeek's communicator of the year in 2020 and was named the top health influencer of the year as well.

Michael Phelps | Outside the Lines

The mental health advocate has been paving the way for athletes to speak up about this topic and he has now done countless interviews talking about how therapy has positively affected his life.

Besides all of his athletic and health-related accomplishments, he has a lot of experience on broadcasting shows. We have seen Phelps' hot takes on college football, the NFL, golf, and much more so of course swimming commentary came naturally to him!

With a recent documentary out on Peacock, Phelps has been making headlines this year even without participating in the Olympic Games.

Tune into the Tokyo Olympics this summer and be on the lookout for Phelps in the broadcasting booth, utilizing both his record-breaking experience in the sport as well as his incredible ability as an influencer/commentator.

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