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The Mighty Ducks trilogy reached huge success in the 90s and now the journey continues with a new series on Disney+!

Behind The Scenes 

A single mom played by Lauren Graham makes the decision of starting her own squad after her son gets cut out from the hockey league.

Three of the reboot's stars chatted with us about the brand new series. Sway Bhatia shared with us what to expect from the show:

"Originally The Mighty Ducks will not be the same Mighty Ducks you saw earlier, but don't worry, things will happen and surprises will come."

OG star Emilio Estevez is part of the show too and Bhatia shares the excitement for being able to work with him.

"Him playing Coach Bombay and watching it in person is unreal!"

And Good Boys star Brady Noon is also involved in this project.

"I went through kind of a crazy phase with Mighty Ducks in like fifth grade where I had posters in my room and I'd always play out from my brother and his friends and he would always try to do the triple T and the knuckle puck"

But the show's not only about hockey, it is about deep friendship and the chance of beating the odds. Noon shares:

"It's okay to be different, it's okay to be unique, it's okay to be yourself. You're gonna find the right group of people that are gonna accept you for who you are."

The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers is streaming now on Disney Plus.

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