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On Discovery Channel's Tyson vs. Jaws: Rumble on the Reef, Mike Tyson went three rounds with sharks as part of this year's Shark Week.

UFC President Dana White helped set up the event as Tyson - known for biting another boxer's ear in a match - said "someone's going to get bit" in a video promoting the expedition.

Tyson worked with scientists in the Bahamas to get more comfortable with various types of sharks and the new location of the fight. During the episode, as each round finished, the sharks got deadlier.

Three Rounds, Three Sharks

Round one included lemon sharks, which are known to sometimes be friendly to humans and are not very dangerous. The second round included reef sharks, which are more dangerous but still not lethal. Tyson was comfortable by this round and gently pushed away the sharks. Tyson also vomited before diving 50 feet underwater, but in the end he got his KO.

Round three consisted of the deadly and very dangerous bull shark. The shark faced tonic immobility, which causes a temporary state of inactivity. This is the equivalent of a shark knock out. In similar fashion, Shark Week 2017 included Michael Phelps going fin-to-toe with a shark in a virtual race.

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