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Actress Molly Ringwald is famously known for her role in 'Sixteen Candles' where her character, Samantha Baker's family forgets her birthday. She recently experienced a similar encounter in real life.

Ringwald shared a lighthearted post to Instagram captioned "Actual conversation with my mom today." Her 54th birthday was on February 18th, and it turns out, her mom forgot it was her birthday, just like her entire family in 'Sixteen Candles."

While she was texting her mom, Ringwald said:

"That's it? You don't have anything else to say to me today?"

Her mom quickly realized what was going on, unlike Ringwalds 'Sixteen Candles' character's mom.

Ringwald's mom explained in the text message thread,

"I didn't realize it was the 18th today. Happy birthday! I haven't got your present in the mail. Will do very soon."

Ringwald jokingly replied "life imitates art."

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