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It's national pizza day, Italians and foodies alike rejoice! And since I'm both, here are some of the most iconic scenes involving everyone's favorite dietary staple.

Mystic Pizza

The word "pizza" is in the title, but this movie is way more about the food. This 80s classic is best served with a cheese pie.

Along Came Polly 

Perhaps one of the strangest conversations I've ever heard over pizza.

Philip Seymour Hoffman and Ben Stiller share a slice in this scene from Along Came Polly. For real, who blots the grease? Grease is a condiment.

Breaking Bad

Perhaps the most iconic cameo by pizza is from this scene in Breaking Bad.

Buzz and Woody Go to Pizza Planet

Everyone wanted Pizza Planet to be a real thing when they were a kid too, right?

An arcade, a pizza restaurant, and a climax of one of the greatest movies ever made? Sign me up. It's an unforgettable staple of the Toy Story franchise, and a pizza we'll never forget.

The Krusty Krab Pizza


Wayne's World Ad

Wayne's World has countless iconic clips, and this one in particular features a Pizza Hut box.

Wayne refuses to bow to any sponsor after Rob Lowe's insistence he do so. He then promptly endorses every major corporation he can possibly fit into a one minute time frame. A perfect encapsulation of the idiotic and endearing nature of the Wayne character, and a surprisingly good advertisement for Pizza Hut.

All Dogs Go To Heaven

Pizza plays a prominent role in the animated musical comedy All Dogs Go to Heaven. Or at least this scene, where we see 7 little pups wrestle over a pizza. Discussing the plot here is unnecessary, who doesn't want to see puppies pizza wrestle?

Spider-Man 2

You want 30 minutes or less? Employing the help of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man might be a step in the right direction. I don't think traffic is going to be an issue for someone who can drop the pizza off at your window.


Ryan Reynolds was born to play Deadpool. You'd think after the first scene of the movie, where we see Wade Wilson, and I'm quoting here, "turn that guy into a f****** kabob", you couldn't turn it up from there.

But, in a scene where we see someone get choked, pistol whipped, and excuse themselves in kitty litter, the most egregious thing here is a pineapple and olive pizza. That's pure psychosis.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

To paraphrase Jake Peralta: "It's a pizza article, I'm goin'st to talk about the turtles".

Daria's Graduation Speech

As brilliant as it was, I often wonder if MTV's feminist adult animated sitcom Daria set itself up to fail in order to make a point.

Putting themselves on a male dominated network in a male dominated genre and creating a strong, independent, deeply intelligent, emotionally indifferent female character that destroyed any misogynist interpretations of the female form is a big risk. Often I wonder if they took that risk on purpose, to further slam their point home.

Daria is brilliant, and it functions entirely through pizza, in a crude, yet endearing fashion.

Home Alone

Prior to his attempted abduction, Macaulay Culkin was living every kid's dream. Pizza makes an appearance in both the original and Home Alone 2. Ordering a pizza with Joe Pesci's voice is as silly as it is hilarious that it actually worked. These pizza scenes are a hallmark of all our childhoods.

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