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Neon Trees makes a comeback with their new album!

Lead singer, Tyler Glenn, chatted with Ricky Cornish about Neon Trees' smash hit, "Everybody Talks," and their long-awaited new album, I Can Feel You Forgetting Me.

It all started with a whisper for Neon Trees when their hit song "Everybody Talks" from their album, Picture Show, which took over the charts back in 2012. Glenn reminsces on the song and why he loves performing it so much:

"That song is probably one I don't listen to because I hear it a lot. There's no better feeling than us playing it at a show. You almost can't hear over the crowd singing along, it's really a cool moment. I'm just happy to have a few songs like that."

Six years later, Neon Trees is finally back with their recent releasement of their new album I Can Feel You Forgetting Me. Glenn giving us an inside look behind the making of the album:

"This record means a lot to me. It's been a long time coming for us personally and for our fans. I wanted room for moods and spaces on this record and couldn't have imagined us putting it out during a time where the world is isolated and alone. I don't plan on taking another six years off between records."

Glenn has also released songs by himself including "Somebody to Tell Me" which you may recognize from the popular Hulu show Love, Victor. He shared with us why he wanted his song to be a part the show:

"I'd already known 'Love, Simon.' I had a really kind of personal experience with seeing it in the theater with my mother and I'm always really sensitive and cognizant of the things I put out and the things I'm a part of. If I had a show like that, I maybe would have gone like 'oh cool it's not as scary for me.' The LGBT community has so many more places to speak on their experiences... and there's so much uncertainty. It was nice to have this glimmer of hope."

I Can Feel You Forgetting Me is available for streaming now!

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