Netflix released their upcoming launches for the month of February, and there's plenty to be excited about. From films to stand up to television, the streaming platform is filling up our queue this month. Let's see the best they have to offer!

'Malcolm and Marie'

If there's anything we learned in 2020, it's that there isn't a sane person alive who doesn't adore Zendaya. The unbelievable success of the HBO original Euphoria has propelled her into the movie scene, with Malcolm and Marnie looking extremely promising. The film follows a couple who, on their way home from a film premiere, begin discussing their past relationships, which, in my experience at least, has not once been a pleasant conversation. With tension that's baked right into the plot and incredible acting to boot, expect promising things from Malcolm and Marnie.

'Tiffany Haddish: They Ready'

With a title that clearly alludes to the main criticism of her stand up comedy, her lack of seasoning within the industry, Haddish is returning to Netflix with season two of her show that shines light on up and coming comics. As a newcomer to the industry long criticized for being too fresh for primetime, seeing Haddish using her platform to raise others up is as admirable as it is a middle finger to her critics, and I'm here for it.


With Disney+ gaining an edge in the industry by owning half of Gen-Z's childhood, Netflix decided to swoop in and grab the other half. Already boasting Victorious as part of the platform, another iconic childhood show is joining the mix. Grab your butter socks, make some spaghetti tacos, and enjoy a slice of your youth.

'High Rise Invasion' 

Netflix, especially in recent years, has made efforts to expand their catalogue of anime, holding a majority of the Pokemon series, Naruto, and originals, like Castlevania and The Promised Neverland. With High Rise Invasion, look for that catalogue to expand as Netflix finds more and more success by dipping their fingers in the anime honey pot.

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