American Idol: Daughtry & Scotty McCreery Focus On The Music In Quarantine! | Celebrity Page
It's been years since Daughtry and Scotty McCreery first got their starts on American Idol. Now the two musicians are continuing their star-status careers from home.

Daughtry Drops New Single 'World On Fire' 🔥

It's been a few years since Chris Daughtry has released new music. While 2020 has brought a lot of devastation, it's also brought inspiration to musicians around the world. Daughtry knew it was time to release this song:

"'World on Fire'" just stood out. We were like... 'this is the first single.'"

The single relates to many heavy topics which are current to today.

"We wrote it back in January when Australia was on fire. You know, there was obviously no shortage of police brutality and racial injustice going on then so that obviously made it into the lyrics as well. And hopefully, will lift their spirits as well cause everybody's going through it right now."

"World on Fire" is available now across all streaming platforms!

Scotty McCreery's Preps For New Album 🎧

Just yesterday, the country star announced "You Time" will be released September 23rd. Along with the new song, this Idol winner is working from home to complete his next album.

"Luckily, through technology, you can still work on albums and stuff even though you can't necessarily be in the same room and as tight as we normally are making the record," McCreery said.

Be sure to follow him for more updates as he prepares to release new music!

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