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What's new on Netflix and Hulu this month? Marvel's Iron Fist hits Netflix for season two, Maniac sees Jonah Hill and Emma Stone in a new, dark comedy, and Sean Penn heads to Mars in a Hulu series from the creator of House of Cards.

New on Netflix and Hulu

What's streaming this September? We've got a preview of your next binge with three new TV series hitting Netflix and Hulu.

Maniac on Netflix

Emma Stone and Jonah Hill are on a life changing journey to wellness in the new Netflix series Maniac.

Their characters join a drug trial that promises to solve all of their problems, from mental illness to heartbreak with no complications of side effects. Spoiler alert — there will be complications. 

Get well September 21st on Netflix.

Marvel’s Iron Fist on Netflix

Marvel’s martial arts master returns with the next chapter of the NYC-centric saga that includes Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, The Punisher, and the team-up series The Defenders.

Danny Rand and Colleen Wing are back, and they’re joined by Misty Knight, who was introduced in Luke Cage and formed a powerful partnership with Wing in Defenders. 

Naturally, you can expect some other familiar faces to pop up over the course of the 10 episode arc. 

Iron Fist hits Netflix on September 7th.

The First on Hulu

The creator of House of Cards has jumped ship from Netflix to Hulu in order to launch Sean Penn and his team of astronauts into space. 

The series follows the first manned mission to Mars, focusing on, not just the astronauts, but their families and ground crew.

The First launches from Hulu on September 14th.

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