Mike Rowe Is Back! | Dirty Jobs: Rowe'd Trip

It's a dirty job, but somebody's gotta tell you what's new to binge. Here's today's list...

Dirty Jobs Rowe'd Trip on Discovery

Pack your bags! We're going on a road trip to check in with some of the most memorable dirty jobbers! The show debuts tonight on Discovery.

Jim Jefferies: Intolerant on Netflix

The comedian debuts a new standup special. It's streaming now.

Mighty Oak on VOD

This new musical, dram-edy is available to watch on most digital platforms today. Here's our review of the new film.

Browse on VOD

What would you do if you thought someone had stolen your identity and was using it online? This new film, starring Lukas Haas, delves into that paranoia. It's available On Demand now.

What Would You Do on ABC

It seems like a simple question, but if you've ever watched the show, you know it's really not. New episodes return tonight on ABC.

Live In Front Of A Studio Audience on ABC

If you missed it the first time, you'll want to see this re-air. Today's biggest stars recreate iconic episodes of All in the Family and Good Times. The stories are more relevant than ever.

Counting On on TLC

More babies! More reality. Check it out tonight on TLC.

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Celebrity Page TV

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