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50 years after she danced with Elvis Presley in the classic film Viva Las Vegas, the actress is back in the very spot it took place. Correspondent Rachel Smith had the honor of sitting down with the star to talk all about it.

Ann-Margret spoke to us about just how special it really is to be back where the iconic dancing scene was filmed:

"It's wild. It's really wild. We had a great time doing that number. I had never seen him perform before I worked with him, and once we started working together and moving, we moved a little bit alike. It just really knocked us out and... had a good time."

The star was invited back to the original shooting spot to be inducted into the Hall of Fame at the University of Las Vegas. She said:

"I love to perform. What can I do? You can't operate it out, you can't pull it out, you can't... it's there. And it's the same way with EP."

We spoke more about what it was like for her to work with the legendary Elvis Presley. Ann remembered:

"He had a great sense of humor. He teased me a lot, but I teased him right back."

Ann's start with Elvis led her to an incredibly long and expansive career with Oscar nominations, Grammy nominations, Golden Globe awards, and an Emmy award.

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