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Popular pop-rock band Imagine Dragons has released new music for the first time in over three years. We talked to the band's frontman, Dan Reynolds, for more insight.

Imagine Dragons is already topping charts with their two new songs, "Follow You" and "Cutthroat". Correspondent Rachel Smith got to sit down with Dan Reynolds and ask how it feels releasing music for the first time in a few years. Reynolds said:

"Yeah, y'know it's been three years working on this which is our longest period of time. I know that I love this, I know it has meaning to me but to know it's gonna have value to the outside world... So waking up this morning and seeing just the support and love from our fans has been everything."

He gave us more insight on what the new music specifically means to him:

"It can't help but capture, you know, what I've been feeling over the last three years. So that's going to deal with Covid, that's gonna deal with my own mental health issues, that's gonna deal with the separation and then reuniting of me and my wife. There's no words to explain how meaningful it is."

And it's meaningful to others too- the music has already topped charts and many mans from across the world are showing their support. Reynolds shared:

"The world needs everything we can get right now to unify us... to feel connected, to feel what music does, which is to take us away to another world... I can't wait to put this record out because hopefully it gives our fans a world to kind of go away to."

You can stream "Cutthroat" and "Follow You" now!

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