What's worth watching this week? TV Guide Magazine's Matt Roush guides us through can't-miss-television from Orange is the New Black's return, to Castle Rock's premiere, and Nashville's finale.

Castle Rock - Premiering on Hulu

While Stephen King adaptations are easy to find on the big and small screens, Castle Rock is an original story that takes inspiration from the author's larger library of work. Think of it as the nexus of the Stephen King Extended Universe.

Bill Skarsgård creeped us out as Pennywise in the recent IT movie, but, here, he plays a mysterious, unknown inmate found deep in Shawshank Prison (yes -- THAT Shawshank).

Andre Holland plays the hometown boy returned to investigate this and other mysteries. Think of it as Stephen King meets The X-Files in one small town.

Castle Rock premieres on Hulu Wednesday, July 25.

Nashville - Finale on CMT

Originally premiering on ABC in 2012, Nashville wraps up its six-season run on CMT this week.

Expect this bittersweet medley of music and drama to tie up loose ends and leave us without an encore.

You can hear Nashville's final song Thursday, July 26th on CMT.

Orange is the New Black - Season Premiere on Netflix

Visiting hours begin this week! But we'll be going to a different prison than we've come to know from previous seasons.

After the gripping, season-long riot that played out thru season five, Netflix's breakout hit finally returns for season six.

This time, the inmates are split up with many of them facing maximum security for the first time. Litchfield was a summer camp compared to what's ahead!

You can binge Orange is the New Black season six (and you will) starting Friday, July 27th.

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