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The Gilded Age and Ozark are on the top of the binge list.

It's a bittersweet feeling for fans of Ozark as the show comes to an end.

Jessica Frances Dukes returns for final episodes as FBI special agent Maya Miller.

"I think she is a woman of justice, but justice has many definitions, and I think Maya has to figure out what justice needs in this situation, and every time I think she thinks she has it figured out, she is just thrown in another loop," Dukes said.

Netflix just dropped the first seven episodes of the last season, with seven more on the way.

"I'm really excited for the fans to see where this journey goes. Season four is just so satisfying. I's so worth the wait. So many things get tied up in ways that I don't think people will be too happy about, and some might be very happy about it. It's a whirlwind."

Ozark is streaming now.

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Over on HBO Max, actor Morgan Spector is bringing the drama on the new series The Gilded Age.

"They've built themselves an enormous new house on 65th street, and that really signifies the beginning of their struggle to enter the highest echelons of New York society," Spector said.

Spector is sharing the screen with legends like Carrie Coon, Christine Baranski and Cynthia Nixon.

"It is just a pleasure of a job. It's hard not to have a good time when you have such great scene partners."

The Gilded Age is now streaming on HBO Max.

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