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The new trailer for 'Pam & Tommy' includes a dynamite group of actors that captures the life Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee lived.

The new trailer for Pam & Tommy was released, and it looks like there’s a ton to uncover.

The film follows the lives of iconic former duo Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, as their honeymoon sex tape is stolen end leaked to the public. The trailer starts off with a clever shot of a home camera fooling the audience into thinking it will start off with the infamous sex tape. Instead, Pamela Anderson (played by Lily James) details her relationship with then-lover Tommy Lee (played by Sebastian Stan).

Various clips of the two living a lavish life and recording themselves making love are shown throughout the trailer. The mood changes when closeups of Rand Gauthier (played by Seth Rogan) and Uncle Miltie (played by Nick Offerman) are presented to us. The two state that they “came into possession of a piece of material.”

The trailer highlights how the men stole the tape and tried to find a way to sell it. When they discover the internet, that opens a new world for everyone. As the trailer goes on, we see how Pam and Tommy’s relationship starts to spiral due to the release of this tape, arguing who lives will be distorted as a result of the tape surfacing.

This biographical drama will feature eight episodes. It debuts on Hulu and Disney+ on Feb. 2. New episodes will release every Monday.

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