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In the most recent episode of Secrets of Playboy, Sondra Theodore, ex-girlfriend of Hugh Hefner, shed light on the trauma she endured during their relationship.

Holly Madison, a former Playmate, had previously described life at the mansion as "cult-like." In the most recent episode of Secrets of Playboy, Theodore, took it a step further by comparing Hefner to Charles Manson, saying he was a "monster."

Theodore said,

"He was like a vampire, he was sucking the life out of me. Really, he was a monster. The things he was turned on by – nothing was enough. Nothing,"

She added that she was forced by Hefner to partake in group sex with other men and women, five nights a week, while Hefner would record it.

"I felt so violated having a man that I did not want to be with forced upon me."

Theodore's part of the series really took a turn when she revealed some insight on more lurid sexual interests Hefner had.

"I walked in once and he was [makes a sexual hand gesture] to our dog and I was like, what are you doing? And he said, 'well, dogs have needs.' And I went, stop that! Just stop that."

Theodore added:

"And I never left him alone with the dog again. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I could not believe what I was seeing,"

This may not have even been the most disturbing part of this series. Theodore then goes on to compare Hefner to Charles Manson, since he informed her he received pleasure from watching snuff films.

'What kind of mind is so far gone that it takes killing somebody to get them excited for that big release? He was opening my eyes to this monster. I mean, really, he was a monster.:

She added that he had an extreme fascination with Manson and claims Hefner said:

"How does this guy, these women who have been in jail for how many years and when they have a chance to get out they still adore him and will until the day they die."

This was just the fifth episode of the 10-part series. The secrets unfolded in each of the episodes continue to become more and more unfathomable. The series gives these women a chance to shed light on the undoubted trauma they endured in the mansion.

To find out more about the life in the Playboy Mansion, watch Secrets of Playboy on A&E, Mondays at 9 PM eastern time.

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