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Rock and roll star and author Bret Michaels has something in store for all of his fans! Michaels has a new book out called "Auto-Scrap-Ography: Vol. 1", a diary of his life shown in photos and stories. Keep reading for the inside scoop!

Life, Career, Music, and More

Bret Michaels became a legend in the 80s as the lead singer for Poison, then transformed into one of the first reality TV stars in Rock of Love on VH1. Now, in his latest book, "Autoscrapography: Vol. 1", Michaels documents his life in photos from behind-the-scenes at concerts, life on tour, and more. Celebrity Page TV senior correspondent Arthur Kade chatted with Michaels about what this book is about and what it will tell fans about his life. Michaels goes on to say:

"Here is what Auto-Scrap-Ography is: it is an autobiography, scrapbook diary of my life. It covers everything-- it's volume one, it keeps everything relevant, [from] right now up until even Masked Singer, talking about the pandemic we're going through, and it's truly an adventures and misadventures story."

Michaels is no stranger to the spotlight, as his career began about 40 years ago as the lead singer of Poison. Now, he continues creating new music, playing large stadium concerts, and much more with the band. When asked if he ever sees an end in sight for his career, Michaels says:

"I have never stopped to think about that. What I think of that is I live in the moment of today and I just keep moving forward. What really makes me enjoy life is being creative. Passion is number one."

The new book, "Auto-Scrap-Ography: Vol. 1" by Bret Michaels is now available for purchase here!

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