Emerald Fennell

Just after Emerald Fennell took the original screen play WGA Award for her film Promising Young Women, she is set to write the DC movie Zatanna for Bad Robot and Warner Bros.

This will make the DC Comic's character, Zatanna, her first franchise appearance. She is a young magician with magical powers that is on the search for her father, Zatara. The character is known for being in Justice League, but DC fans also know she also grew up with Batman and had romantic ties to another character, John Constantine. Although, through all of these appearance she has never made it to the big screens.

Zatanna was made from the creators Gardner Fox and artist Murphy Anderson back in 1964 when she was in Hawkman. Now, Fennell is getting the chance to make it come to life.

Fennell is known for her recent line of awards and nominations for her movie Promising Young Women. The film that premiered at Sundance in 2020, is nominated for five Oscars that include Best Picture, Directing and Original Screenplay. She was also nominated for four Golden Globes as well as up for the top prize at the PGA awards. Not only that, the writer had also just won Sunday nights Writer Guild Award for original screenplay.

Her Oscar nomination is not just any nomination as she had made history for being the first female filmmaker to be nominated as Best Director along with Chloe Zhao who made Nomadland. This is the first time two women have been nominated in this category in the same year. The last female nominee was back in 2017 with only 5 females recognized overall.

Not only that, Fennell is a showrunner on season 2 of Killing Eve. She has also been seen in front of the camera for shows like Anna Karenina, The Danish Girl, Call the Midwife and most recently on Netflix's royal drama The Crown as star Camilla Parker.

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