Ruth Bader Ginsburg's legacy will be honored on the big screen, once again!

The late justice is set to be the subject of new documentary RUTH: Justice Ginsburg In Her Own Words, directed by Academy Award-winning filmmaker Freida Lee Mock.

The documentary takes a deep dive into Ginsburg's career throughout the decades revealing the various barriers and obstacles she faced, through archival footage. In the trailer, a young Ginsburg says:

"I did very well in law school. it was not possible to do much better. There was not a single law firm in the whole city of New York that would invite me to come even for an interview.

She went on to share:

"In those days, i had three strikes against me. One is I was jewish, another I was a woman. And then the one that I think really did me in was I had a 4-year-old daughter."

Throughout her time as a lawyer and supreme court justice, Ginsburg inspired countless women to work hard and demand respect. The documentary reveals footage of her saying:

"If women are to be leaders in life and in the military, then men have got to become accustomed to taking commands from women, and men won't become accustomed to that if women aren't let in."

RUTH: Justice Ginsburg In Her Own Words is set for release in virtual cinemas February 12th and on demand March 9th.

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