Rebel Wilson


In 2012, we all fell in love with Rebel Wilson's character Fat Amy in the acca-awesome film Pitch Perfect. Now, the actress and comedian is transitioning to Fit Amy.

Wilson's new health and fitness journey began earlier this year after she successfully dropped about 30 pounds and became determined to lose more. Since then, she has lost another 40 pounds, bringing her only six pounds away from her goal weight.

On social media, Wilson has made it a point to share her healthy mindset for losing weight and loving her body.

She first recognized her health journey on Instagram:

Wilson had come a long way and fans had already started to take notice. In her captions, she shares the honest truth about finding a balance with healthy eating. Before this post, the actress had already been showing off some of her favorite new activities.

Boxing is just one way Wilson has kept herself active!

Along with throwing punches, Wilson has shared pictures from her hikes, skii trips, and dance classes.

Still, all things come with a healthy balance

While debuting a slimming silhouette in Monaco, she reminded her followers that treats are still a must...but in moderation, and sometimes along with a bubble bath.

Need more fitness motivation? Read her latest post!

Those 100m sprints really do pay off. Congratulations to Rebel Wilson as she completes her journey of becoming Fit Amy!

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