Lucky Lab Rescue

Their transformations are stunning. When these hairless, emaciated, and injured dogs ended up in need, rescuers didn't look away; instead, they saw potential.

Watchdog Mary and Celebrity Page want to share some of the most incredible rescue dog makeovers. Some dogs were on death's door, but with love and care, these pooches blossomed into the gems they were meant to be.

Click on each dog's picture on the slide show to read more about their story.


Sharon Harris


Dessi was just a puppy when she was tossed out on an isolated East Texas dirt road. Someone found her, posted about it on Facebook, and Sharon Harris rushed to her rescue. "It is a miracle she was seen. People are heartless. They had no idea what a treasure they disposed of," Sharon says.

And what a treasure this puppy turned out to be! Sharon nursed her back to health, and now she's a beloved member of their family. "She is the most gracious rescue dog and the smartest girl in the world," Sharon beams.

Lucky Lab Rescue and Adoption refuses to turn away any dog that needs medical care. The nonprofit group's 2020 makeovers are breathtaking.

Raggedy Ann and Andy

Lucky Lab Rescue & Adoption

Raggedy Ann and Andy

We want to thank all the rescues and rescuers for sharing these remarkable transformations and all your hard work!

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