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It's been a wild journey for country trio Restless Road.

Band members Zach, Garrett, and Colton have been winning the hearts of fans since their first audition on The X Factor in 2013. After all this time, they're finally back together and making music.

Their song "Growing Old With You" has been a hit among fans and was recently featured on the last season of The Bachelor.

"That's a song that we had in our back pocket for a while. It's one that we really connected with in different ways. You know, Colton's married, Garrett's in a relationship, and I'm single--and I just feel like everybody heard the song and could relate to it in some way."

As for their feature on The Bachelor, the trio couldn't be more thrilled. The best part, they say, isn't the notoriety from their appearance, but the reaction from fans who connected with the song.

"When we found out we were going to be able to play on The Bachelor, we knew that was the perfect time to record the song and put it out and make a moment out of it, and that's exactly what happened. Our fans have really been reacting to the song, and we're getting tagged in all these different wedding videos, and videos of cute couples, and it's just really cool to watch everyone taking the song and running with it."

The trio has also reunited with their friend Kane Brown, who auditioned for The X Factor alongside them. Brown recently signed them to his record label to re-energize their career.

"We're just super excited. These last couple years, you know--[we haven't] been able to meet fans and stuff. This is going to be the first big time for us to get back in person and see all the people that have supported us over the last few years. We're gonna have new music, a big old fun tour, and that's mainly the goal this year: to just have a lot of shows and have a lot of fun."

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