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There's a new housewife in town!

Dr. Tiffany Moon has joined The Real Housewives of Dallas for season 5, and she's definitely stirring up some drama... But she's also making headlines as one of the few Asian Americans in the franchise!

In a recent interview, Moon told Celebrity Page:

"I am incredibly honored to be representing for the Asians… I do hope that, overall, that I make them proud."

While some cast members aren't too excited about the new addition, others feel Moon is right for the job.

Dallas housewife D'Andra Simmons told us:

"Tiffany is brilliant and she's funny. She brings a completely different point of view to the show."

Due to the pandemic, this season will surely look a little different. But Simmons assured us that the cast will still be bringing lots of entertainment. She said:

"We could not go to really public events or do anything, so it made us focus on- what are our demons, and what are the things we need to work on in our lives .... and oh my god, it is going to be a really surprising and exciting season."

You can catch The Real Housewives of Dallas tonight on Bravo.

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