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Robert Pattinson in Talks to Star in Next Bong Joon Ho Movie

'Parasite' director has his eyes on his next script--and his next lead.

After sweeping the 2020 Oscars with his masterpiece Parasite, director Bong Joon Ho might have found his next project.

According to Deadline, Bong is currently in talks to write and direct a film based on the unreleased, upcoming novel by Edward Ashton, Mickey7. The plot follows protagonist Mickey7, who is the seventh iteration of his original self. Sent to colonize an ice world, every time he dies on a dangerous mission, he is regenerated in a new body with "most" memories in tact.

As the novel is set to come out early 2022, no production has begun on the film. However, when presented with the manuscript, Bong was reportedly "immediately interested." Many A-List celebrities were after the role, but Robert Pattinson apparently impressed both executives and Bong himself in their meeting. Bong feels he's "perfect" for the role.

If Pattinson accepts and is cast, Mickey7 will be his first movie coming off DC's upcoming blockbuster, The Batman, with Pattinson in the starring role. It will also be another adaptation under Bong's belt.

Bong is, of course, notorious for his work on adaptations, often changing the source material for a fresh framing. A science fiction project seems to be the perfect fit for him to once again show off his writing and directing skills, and to experiment with story.

The Batman will drop March 4, and the novel Mickey7 will release some time within the next few months. As for the film, only time will tell.

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