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Sabrina Carpenter continues to take the world by storm!

Shortly after announcing her newest album "Emails I Can't Send," the musician dropped a new single, "Vicious.

"In the album, Carpenter plays with the theme of leaving what you want to say unsaid as she drafts a message to people that she ultimately deletes.

"Vicious" follows this motif, showcasing a scathing track aimed at a former lover. It marks the second track off the upcoming album, the first being the racy single, "Fast Times."

Carpenter is attempting to shed her Disney identity with her new music, offering fans a "deeper and more meaningful" experience. In an interview with "Rolling Stone," she explained,

“I think you’re a very different person at eighteen than you are at twenty-two, so I’d say expect it to feel a lot more personal. And a lot more storytelling.”

Sabrina Carpenter - “Vicious” (Lyric Video)

Carpenter announced her newest project via Instagram by teasing a look at the album's cover, writing in the caption,

“Thank u for being patient with me. I think it’s worth the wait.”

"Emails I Can't Send" isn't the only project the former Disney actor has in the works. Carpenter recently announced the launch of her debut fragrance, "Sweet Tooth," with Scent Beauty. She shared that the scent was inspired by her own sweet tooth, writing,

"When I was a little girl my mom had this perfume that I always said smelled like chocolate and I was in love with it. I wanted to make my own fragrance one day inspired by my sweet tooth, but a little less on the nose. Something that felt a little more unique and sophisticated, subtle but truly addictive."

Scent Beauty describes the perfume as “pure confectionary joy: candied ginger and chocolate marshmallow envelop a milky vanilla center, on a bed of Chantilly cream. A scent so delicious, mouths will water; just sweet enough to feel a bit naughty.”

"Sweet Tooth" will not be launching until the Fall, but fans won't have to wait as long for "Emails I Can't Send." Catch Sabrina Carpenter's fifth studio album in two weeks on July 15.

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