Savannah Cristina - Body Work (Official Music Video)
The singer's new song is an empowerment anthem to make you feel confident!

Savannah Cristina's newest track, "Body Work," is a sultry ballad all about self-love and owning your body!

The singer opened up the track's meaning, making a mark in the music industry, and the beginning of a string of exciting new songs coming down the pipeline.

Q: From beginning to end, how did this song come about?

Savannah: This song is very symbolic. It's all about being body positivity and tuning into your body, learning your body and pushing your body to different levels. I'm so excited! The feedback has been so positive.

Q: This past year, we had a lot of food and stayed in our sweats. This song is really lifting people up during these times!

Everybody needed to tap back into feeling that sexy mode again. Wearing sweats, pajamas and robes all day loses that feeling of going to a club. When I was writing "Body Work," I wanted to make you feel the same way you feel when you're in the bathroom putting on cologne, perfume and embracing your body!

Q: Trailblazing artists like Alicia Keys have praised your music. What's it been like for you to have so many pioneers look out for you?

As a young creative, it's just a confirmation and it is a reassurance that I'm in alignment with what I need to be doing. I just literally graduated from college last year and I always questioned if I should be doing music. Everybody thought it was just a pipe dream. I was a regular college student from Florida. To have an experience where Alicia Keys is co-signing my song, "Self Care," which I wrote myself and directed... it lets me know that I'm pursuing the right dream and I am on the right path. It makes me not question my abilities. That's the best thing to be... is confident with what you're doing.

Q: What advice would you give an aspiring artist?

I would say... look for the signs. The universe always gives you signs when you're doing the right thing. Never doubt yourself. If somebody compliments you and says that you're doing well, believe them! Sometimes we're so modest that we don't know how to take a compliment on our work. If somebody believes that the work you're doing is worth something, believe in it. If it weren't for the 20 people that listened to my SoundCloud every week, I wouldn't have the millions of views I have now. Celebrate all of the small accomplishments and don't doubt yourself!

Q: What's next for you?

I actually wrote a song a few months ago. The name of the song is "Drip." We just wrapped up doing a music video to it, so we're going to be releasing it very soon.

Songs like "Body Work" are currently on repeat, especially during Women's History Month! You can download "Body Work" here.

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