Seann William Scott Joins Lethal Weapon

FOX’s hit action/comedy Lethal Weapon returns with a new face that looks very familiar. Seann William Scott joins the show for season three.

His character, Wesley Cole, is ex-CIA, which means that Scott finally has the chance to try his hand (risk his neck) at action and stunts.

Another big draw for Scott was the chance to work with Damon Wayans who returns to the series as Murtaugh. Scott shares his excitement at working with the legendary TV veteran.

Of course, since Seann William Scott is known for his big screen roles, moving to television is a significant change of pace. He explains what it’s like to shoot an episode and be able to experience it within weeks or months with friends and family, versus waiting a year or more for a movie’s release.

Watch Lethal Weapon season three, premiering Tuesday, September 25th on FOX.