One-On-One: Ben Feldman Opens Up On America Ferrera Leaving 'Superstore' & What's In 'Store' | CPTV

Actor Ben Feldman is becoming the king of workplace TV shows, first on Mad Men and now on Superstore. Celebrity Page caught up with the star for today's one-on-one.

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'Superstore' Series Finale Airs Tonight | Celebrity Page

It's closing time for Superstore. The hit NBC sitcom is coming to an end tonight, after six seasons.

Superstore Series Finale Promo (HD) Amy Returns

Superstore follows an ensemble-cast (Ben Feldman, Lauren Ash, Nico Santos, Colton Dunn and more) through their daily work-place drama at megastore Cloud 9. But those aren't the only "employees" working the final episode. Former series lead America Ferrera is set to make her return for the finale. The star hyped up fans on Instagram with a post on Tuesday, showing off her 'Cloud 9' gear.

Ferrera wrote:

"When I wore all 6 seasons of swag for the very last day of filming Superstore. 2 days till finale!"

Ferrera, who left the show earlier in season 6, first revealed two weeks ago that she'd be reprising her role of "Amy" for the finale.

She wrote on Instagram:

"Surprise! Amy's back! So glad I got to play with my @nbcsuperstore family for the big series finale."

She continued on to write:

"It was a joyful and bittersweet goodbye that we can't wait to share with our amazing fans."

You can catch the series finale of Superstore at 8 pm on NBC.

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