Left to right: Lil Dicky, GaTa


DAVE tells the story of a Jewish kid from the suburbs of Philadelphia trying to make it as a rapper. Dave, who goes by the rap name Lil Dicky, is part neurotic, all hilarious. Irreverent and comical Dave navigates relationships, his family and his rise in the rap game. Viewers see Lil Dicky earn his name through spending his bar mitzvah money on a verse with YG, babysitting Trippie Redd's kid and bonding with Kourtney Kardashian at Justin Bieber's party.

Dave is selfish, arrogant with an over inflated ego...and that’s why we love him.

Dave is a complex character both as a rapper and as his own muse. Burd went from summers at Camp Kweebec in Pennsylvania to having his song "Freaky Friday" with Chris Brown go Number 1 on the Hot R&B charts. Although Dave sees himself as the greatest rapper of all time, his friends are the ones who help get him there. Both GaTa and Elz (Yung Taco, a member of Odd Future) are rappers in real life and play a part in Dave's career during the series. GaTa (which stands for Greatest Actor That's Acted) acts as Dave's hype man and gets him in the studio with YG. Elz is his sound engineer making his beats and his best friend Mike (Andrew Santino) becomes his manager.

Celebrity Appearances

How did Dave Burd get so many celebrities to appear on songs like "Earth" and in the series? Having celebrity friends like Kevin Hart as a producer and Scooter Braun as an agent helps get people like Kourtney Kardashian to choose projects like DAVE. Another aspect viewers get from the show is that Lil Dicky is doing something unique and different, which this has resulted in artists and celebs becoming more inclined to work with him.

Season 2 and Fan Reactions

Becoming FX's highest ranked comedy series, DAVE has been renewed for season two. This was easy to predict based on its popularity and that Lil Dicky's career is just getting started. What are fans hoping for next season? Some want more celebrity guests like Fetty Wap to come on and explain how songs like "$ave Dat Money' were created. Others hope it expands on characters like the episode depicting GaTa's bipolar disorder or the future of Aly and Dave's relationship. Whatever they come up with, we know DAVE season two will not disappoint.

Watch DAVE Season One on Hulu here.

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