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George Clooney Has Won 'Sexiest Man Alive' Twice, And Hopes For A Third

"No one's ever won three" the actor recently shared in an interview with SiriusXM Town Hall.

George Clooney knows how to make a group of people laugh. Not only does the star have the personality, but the looks to back it up. The actor has been awarded People's Sexiest Man Alive not once, but twice. However, he is not stopping there. In a recent interview with SiriusXM Town Hall, the cast of sci-fi drama The Midnight Sky sat down to discuss the movie and Clooney's hilarious aspirations.

Clooney was joined by co-stars Felicity Jones, Kyle Chandler and David Oyelowo who broke out into laughter and eye rolls when the star couldn't resist reminding everyone of his two-time title.

When host Jess Cagle began to introduce Clooney's role in the movie as the producer, director and star, he quickly reminded everyone of his accolade. The movie star joked that this title is more meaningful than winning two Oscars and he is lobbying for a third one.

"No one's ever won three. I worked with some people. I worked with Matt Damon and Brad Pitt on their campaigns. I thought they did a very good job and they ended up, you know Brad got two as well... Looking at Michael [B.] Jordan to see if he wants me to work with him, to get a repeat, more of a counselor now."

Oyelowo was quick to chime in, saying:

"By the way, this is a record, we've been doing this for about 25 minutes and this is the longest George has taken to mention being the two times Sexiest Man Alive. So well done."

Clooney has also inspired many people to adopt a new hair-cut technique by using a Flowbee in a former interview with CBS Sunday Morning. After inspiring so many people to get one of their own, Flowbees sold out entirely. The star joked:

"So now I know next time I endorsed something I'm going to own some stock before I do. I'll let you know insider trading."

The cast has great trust in their co-star, with Felicity Jones admitting she told George Clooney that she was pregnant before many family members.

"My first reaction was like, 'I can't believe I've got to tell George Clooney that I'm pregnant.' That was my first reaction...It was a great, it was just a very instinctive organic process."

Jones shared how much opening up and being authentic has allowed the cast to collaborate with one another and create really powerful work. Clooney handled the news of her pregnancy amazingly, adapting scenes to make herself more comfortable on set without putting her or her child at risk.

You can watch The Midnight Sky in theaters today or on Netflix beginning December 23rd.

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