The Sharknado may have ended, but the damage will last forever. Stars of the surprise-hit franchise, Ian Ziering and Tara Reid, explain why they chose to sign onto the so-bad-its-good movie series.

Sharknado 6: It’s About Time

The epic finale to the Sharknado franchise comes 5 years after the original swept us away and took a bite out of pop culture. Since then, a who’s-who of celebrities have made appearances across six movies, but Ian Ziering and Tara Reid reveal their motivations for signing onto the film before it became such a coveted franchise.

Speaking of celebrity appearances — this last installment provides a reunion with Tori Spelling, one of Ziering’s Beverly Hills: 90210 co-stars. Will the monster 1990s TV hit get an official reunion? Ziering gives his prediction!

Hitting fame in their youth, and before the rise of social media, Reid and Ziering talk about how celebrity has changed over the past two decades.

Lastly, Tara Reid wants you to know that she is NOT a shark expert. Maybe we should stop asking her questions about them.