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Irish born stylist Fiona Fagun tells us who's Banging this summer

Love it or hate it Bangs are always making a cool statement amongst celebrities today
We all have a story about bangs. Maybe you took a sissors to to your own hair aged 8, or maybe you went through a bad break-up and wanted a new look but whatever the way,every woman has something to say on the matter
Recently we are seeing it creep back in amongst celebrities in different styles from -

#5 ​Hedi Klums​ blunt cool straight fringe

#4 ​​Taylor Swift ​​​soft  feminine fringe

Taylor Swift seen here in "CARDIGAN"

"Cabin in candlelight" version

#3 Dua lipa

A more modern take on the farah fawcett 70s fringe

Equal parts french nonchalance and super high fashion .High maintenance fringes are a strong fashion statement.

Farrah Fawcett . Let’s  just give this original bang wearing legend a shout out.

#2 Actress  Daisy edgar -jones. 

from the hulu series "Normal people"brings back that chic effortlessly cool ,fringe and style.
that's enviously difficult to pull off.

#1 Kylie Minogue.

Kylie’s new Brigette bardot look on her new single "SAY SOMETHING "seen here on instagram just ooozes sex appeal.

BANGS are sexy , bangs are cool , bangs have evolved through fashion , bangs are a statement of confidance . Bangs will always be in fashion !

Kylie Bangs !!!!

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