BlackkKlansman is the latest addition to Spike Lee’s filmography and catalog of cultural commentary pieces. We spoke with the singular filmmaker and the cast of his new film at its New York red carpet premiere.

Spike Lee’s BlackkKlansman New York Premiere

While Spike Lee’s movies always feel timely, BlackkKlansman, in particular, comes amidst a cultural zeitgeist that has overtaken America. Tackling the Ku Klux Klan so soon after their clash in Charlottesville, this film is sure to capture attention and evoke meaningful conversation.

As the son of Denzel Washington, star John David Washington is no stranger to Hollywood icons. We spoke with him about joining the Spike Lee family and what it means to become a part of movie history.

While co-star Ryan Eggold saw working with the iconic filmmaker as a dream-come-true, Tiffany Haddish was less familiar with Lee the man before this project, but spoke about the influence of his movies and cultural impact.

BlackkKlansman hits theaters August 10.