Rose Matafeo & Nikesh Patel Find The Humor In Celebrity Romance On 'Starstruck' | Celebrity Page
We've all imagined sleeping with a celebrity, haven't we?

Rose Matafeo and Nikesh Patel explore the very complicated fantasy of a celebrity hookup in their new comedy, Starstruck.

The new series follows a millennial living in London, who hits multiple dead ends at an awkward time in her life.

"I'm, as an awkward person... I can't see awkwardness. Everything in my life is potentially a struggle," Matafeo said.

One of her missteps? Accidentally sleeping with a famous film star!

"He's exciting and attractive in a lot of ways, but really does get in the way and create problems, which is part of the fun I guess," Patel said.

Despite her many mistakes, the cast is hoping audiences can relate and laugh along with feeling lost.

"[We want] to cheer you up and make you feel slightly more positive about your future romantic prospects! If you do watch 'Starstruck,' I promise you that," Matafeo said.

Starstruck is streaming now on HBO Max.

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