The Weeknd

The Super Bowl is an event that unifies all Americans. The pressure of performing during such a glorious occasion can stress any artist. In a time like the present one, it is fundamental to transform those feelings into pure energy. The Weeknd has precisely done that. Here's a recap of The Weeknd's performance at the big game.

Right at the beginning of the performance, The Weeknd welcomes us sitting on a sports car, surrounded by enormous neon lights in what seems to be a fictional city. A chorus immediately starts showing evangelic figures with red eyes that gleam through the darkness. The stage then opens up revealing The Weeknd, who walks with bright lights illuminating him from behind. As the lights fade out, his glittery red jacket becomes the centre of the attention, while the singer performs "Starboy" (2016) along with dancers making robotic moves.

The Weeknd's Performance 

The Weeknd changes setting while his 2013 hit "The Hills" begins in the background. He now sings in a golden space filming himself while moving around. The effect is startling for the viewer who tries to identify golden words embedded in the walls. But as the chorus hits, things go back to normal and dancers with red jackets join the singer in an effective choreography.

The fireworks and celebration fill the entire stadium as The Weeknd performs "I Feel it Coming" (2016), coming back on the main stage. Looking right into the camera, The Weeknd sings to the ones watching at home: us. But perhaps the most visually pleasing moment of the entire performance comes when the singer sings and dances a synchronized choreography on the field, surrounded by an ocean of dancers.

After bringing songs that have defined The Weeknd's career, iTunes charts show a complete domination after the Super Bowl performance.

Speculations about who will perform the Super Bowl next year are already beginning. But for the moment, let's just enjoy what The Weeknd has brought us this year: unmeasurable amusement.

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