the giving carpet

The Imagine Dragons wants to take you "On Top of the World" and for a good cause. Lead singer, Dan Reynolds is the co-founder of The Tyler Robinson Foundation which aims to help families who have received pediatric cancer diagnoses. TRF is holding a contest to help raise money.

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The work that firefighters do is vital to our communities. We are taking a moment to appreciate those to put their lives on the line.

On this edition of The Giving Carpet, we are teaming up with Shoutout for a Cause and BJ Korros for the 6th annual Celebrating Uncommon Courage Gala put on by the California Fire Foundation! BJ talks with stars Michael Fishman, Sheridan Pierce, Adam Tsekhman, and Ed Begley Jr. about supporting firefighters and the vital work they do. In light of the recent wild fires in California, we at Celebrity Page are deeply thankful for the firefighters who risk their lives to keep our communities safe.

Photo Courtesy: California Fire Foundation IG

Celebrities gather in LA to raise awareness for advancing arts programs in public schools.

On this edition of The Giving Carpet, BJ Korros of Shoutout For A Cause is on the red carpet at 7th annual Adopt the Arts Foundation Fundraising Gala! The Adopt the Arts Foundation aims to raise funds and awareness to save and support the arts in American public schools.

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The event honored musician and arts activist Moby, who is known for his significant contributions in supporting the arts for public schools. Many celebrities turned up to support the cause including Jane Lynch, one of three co-founders for Adopt The Arts.

“As you can see it’s a huge event and we’re raising a lot of money,” Jane said.  “And we’re helping a lot of schools get art programs here in LA.”

Photo courtesy of LAZER 103.3.

Co-Founder Matt Sorum commented on the need to raise awareness and the importance of saving arts programs in public schools, telling BJ,

“We need to not only help these kids with financing and bringing in teachers, but we need to put the word out that we’re opposed to this.”

For more information on Adopt The Arts and how to get involved in supporting art programs in public schools, check out their website at!