Tamar Braxton and Johnny Wright Discuss Their New Show 'To Catch a Beautician' | Celebrity Page

Celebrity Page senior correspondent Arthur Kade talked with actress and television personality Tamar Braxton and hair stylist Johnny Wright about their new VH1 show To Catch a Beautician. The trio discussed all things hair, career, and beauty disasters.

The show follows clients who have had their hair botched in the past as Braxton and Wright confront the stylists and offer to teach a bootcamp full of new tips and tricks.

​On Confronting the Stylists

"We get both sides of the story. Most of the time, I can find myself on the hair stylist's side. And then after we have that back and forth banter, I (Wright) offer them a chance to take my bootcamp and learn some new techniques and if they say yes, they have the opportunity to redeem themselves." -Wright

On Working with Michelle Obama as her Personal Hair Stylist

"There's so many places you can go after leaving the White House and that goes for anyone who has worked at the White House in any capacity. Having that platform and being able to work with her all those years made it easier for me for more opportunities to come my way." -Wright

On her Diverse Career

"I always thought that I would just be a singer. I always thought I would be Mariah Carey by the time I was eighteen years old. Obviously, that didn't happen. To be able to build a career with my sisters and around my family and now with Johnny who has become a part of my family. I wouldn't trade anything in the world." -Braxton

To Catch a Beautician airs on Monday's on VH1. Be sure to watch!

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