Taraji P. Henson brings the laughs in the new comedy What Men Want, but, according to the star, the film also brings a timely message.

Celebrity Page correspondent Rachel Smith sat down with Henson and co-stars Tracy Morgan, Erykah Badu, Josh Brener, and Aldis Hodge to discuss the film.

“We have an opportunity to teach through laughter. We have the opportunity to attack such a touchy subject," Henson said. "I knew that I didn’t want it to be about male bashing. I want it to nurture men, because I have a son, and I love the men in my life, and it’s not about that.”

Tracy Morgan added that he and the cast bonded “like family” on set.

"I’m so glad the movie is good," Morgan said. "When it was time to go emotionally, everybody came together.”

Emphasizing the camaraderie among cast mates, Morgan said, "It's like when you watch a basketball game and a player hits the floor and the whole team runs over to pick him up. That's how we were."

Erykah Badu said that it hardly felt like work at all on the set.

"Yeah. I felt guilty every time I got a check. It was not work. It was therapy. Every single day I got to just release all of this adrenaline and balance myself in some kind of way."

You too can find out What Men Want in theaters now!

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