Although most of us won't be headed to the movie theatres this Thanksgiving, that won't stop new movies from coming to your TV screen next Thursday.

Embattled Trailer

MMA fighters don't play around, but how would you feel if you had to go up against your 18-year-old son? That's what actor Stephen Dorff's character undergoes in Embattled. Dorff told Celebrity Page what the movie is all about:

"It's a tense movie, it gives a real true look at what the inside of a mind of a cage fighter champion is, what a family's reaction around it, a young fighter coming up."

We all know MMA fighters have to be in tip top shape for the sport, and Dorff told us his fitness journey for the role:

"Once the training kicked in and the endorphins and then I started in the mirror and I got gold teeth and a shaved head and I looked nothing like my last guy or myself, I thought 'Jesus, okay, I guess this is who this guy is. Let's get it on'."

Embattled is available now on VOD.

Hillbilly Elegy

Oscar nominees Glenn Close and Amy Adams star in this movie revolving around a family's struggle with addiction. Director Ron Howard said:

"I love family stories, but I've never had one that was a true story that dealt with characters from rural America and that's my family's background."

Look for the highly anticipated film starting November 24th on Netflix.


Sara Paulson plays a deranged mother in Hulu's upcoming thriller Run. The film is available on the platform for streaming now.

The Christmas Chronicles 2

Kurt Russell is back for the second edition of The Christmas Chronicles coming to Netflix on November 25th. Goldie Hawn makes an appearance as Mrs. Clause for the popular movie series.

Happy movie-watching!

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Kylie Jenner


It's Black Friday! With the holiday season officially in swing, we've got some amazing gift ideas that your loved ones are sure to remember.

Las Vegas Unveils New Gateway Arches

Move aside St. Louis...Las Vegas is stepping up their arch game!

Las Vegas has long been known as the home to bright stars and even brighter lights. As one of the entertainment capitols of the world, the Nevada city receives just shy of fifty million tourists each year.

Now the city has added yet another spectacle to take your breath away. "The Gateway Arches" is a new 80-foot structure that holds over 13,000 LED lights. The retro Las Vegas sign in the perfect backdrop for a vacation selfie as you visit the city. The arches even play music.

You can see them for yourself along the south end of the strip near vintage downtown Vegas. No matter what your plans are, it's a can't miss attraction on Las Vegas Boulevard.

The entertainment districts in the city took some big hits during the national shutdown due to COVID-19. Now the city is reopening and inviting visitors back into theaters.

The MGM Grand Las Vegas recently brought back multiple shows which had been on an indefinite hiatus since March. David Copperfield, Carrot Top, and more can be seen performing again in new spaced out performance spaces.

We can't wait to visit the arches ourselves when tourism is safe again!