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The Bachelor kicked off last night, and Matt James gave us a night to remember. The 28-year-old made history as the first black bachelor in the franchise, but he wasn't the only one making headlines...

ABC brought in 32 women to fight for Matt's heart, and as you might have guessed, it wasn't exactly smooth sailing. (Shocking!)

Some girls brought their A games... and others just brought their games. But one thing's for sure, these gals didn't hold back. Katie showed up with a vibrator; Kaili entered in lingerie; and Alana brought spaghetti to re-enact the Lady and the Tramp kiss. But still, even with all that heat, no one made an impression quite like Victoria, or as she calls herself "Queen Victoria.'

Queen Victoria walked in , sorry, was carried on a throne. Yes, you just read that right. She also a wore a tiara and fell walking up the stairs. I'd make more commentary, but I really don't think it's necessary.

Once the meetings were done, it was Matt's turn to wow the women. He introduced himself with a surprisingly genuine speech and led the group in prayer. ABC is choosing an interesting mix of raunchy and wholesome for this season, and I feel confused.

It's a little early to name any front-runners just yet, but it's safe to say Abigail has secured her spot. Matt and Abigail seemed to have a very authentic connection, and she even opened up to him about her experience being deaf. The two shared the first kiss of the season, and Abigail received the first impression rose!

On to the rose ceremony... three girls were sent packing. Luckily, none of them got any screen time, so the goodbyes weren't too controversial The controversial part was that Matt picked Victoria over the other three women, who all seemed relatively normal, to give his final rose. We can question Matt all we want, but it's safe to say that one was a producer pick. They're making a TV show after all!

You can catch The Bachelor Mondays on ABC.

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