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'The Batman' Releases Two New Posters!

The new movie premieres March 4th

Twitter Movies has revealed two brand new posters for the upcoming film The Batman!

The first poster showcases The Dark Knight himself, played by Robert Pattinson, alongside master thief Selena Kyle, played by Zoë Kravitz, as they look over the Gotham at sunset.

The second poster is a close-up of the titular character with the phrase "Unmask The Truth" at the top, showcasing the Caped Crusader in all of his gruff, no-nonsense glory. And if looking closely, we can notice a green question mark in Batman's eye.

This isn't the first big poster release for the film, as another poster released back in December showcases Batman and Catwoman side by side. Another poster also showcased this new Batman in his full suit, giving fans an idea of what to expect with the blurred, red image.

Many fans on Twitter were excited to see more Bat-Cat content for the upcoming film.

"BAT CAT IS BEAUTIFUL," one fan wrote.

"Already looks so good! Let's hope the actual movie is better," wrote another.

The Batman is set to be released on March 4th, 2022.

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