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The Daily Show with Trevor Noah is covering this year's election in an all new way!

Trevor Noah keeps the laughs coming at home while hosting The Daily Social Distancing Show.

With the United States presidential election only a of couple months away, the team at The Daily Show is gearing up for their political coverage.

Roy Wood Jr. is one of the main correspondents on The Daily Show and believes the diverse team will bring a new layer of reporting:

"Especially in the political satire realm, we have the most diverse news team. We have the youth and women and black and white and brown... and I think that gives us an opportunity to approach stories that means something to us personally, which I think gives us a little bit more of a level of trust with the viewers when it comes time to crack jokes," Wood Jr. said.

But in typical Daily Show fashion, this year's coverage will also bring the funny. Wood Jr. telling us:

"We're trying to find the jokes. You can get the news anywhere.. but what's the joke on that? What's the angle on that? I think that's where 'The Daily Show' comes in and kicks butt week in and week out," Wood Jr. said.

Reporting on this year's election will have its challenges with both party conventions going virtual.

Desi Lydic also serves as a correspondent on The Daily Show and talked about the obstacles her team will face reporting virtually on the DNC and GOP conventions:

"There are a lot of unknowns here, because it has not been done before, so we kind of don't know what to expect exactly... but we've had quite a bit of time experimenting with doing our show virtually," Lydic said.

Wood Jr. and Lydic look forward to giving audiences important information before handing in their ballots.

"Anything that we do that can inspire people to make a difference in the world is worth while," Wood Jr. said.

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