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Bette Midler is just one of the five amazing honorees that will receive recognition for lifetime artistic achievements by the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

This honor has a long 44 year-old history of being streamed by CBS while it takes place at the annual national celebration of the arts in Washington D.C. We'll briefly review the five honorees and what makes them so special in their own right.

Justino Díaz

This opera singer is a bass-baritone that is known as one of the best of our generation. Justino Díaz has sung at the most renowned opera houses in the world repeatedly and has a long storied career of originating roles as well as filling legendary ones.

Berry Gordy

This Motown founder, songwriter, producer, and director expanded the genre and reach of the music. The Detroit native dealt with a lot of hardship until he was successful in his field; he feels that this specific honor is special in that it honors his life and what he achieved throughout the hardships and successes. Gordy always felt like he had been late to the party, however this Kennedy Center Honor helps him look at his career differently.

Lorne Michaels

You might be more familiar with Lorne Michaels than the other honorees we've listed so far. The creator of Saturday Night Live has changed the world of sketch comedy and comedy itself and has left a permanent mark on pop culture through the show. Lorne Michaels was always due this honor and it's very exciting to see him up there with other icons.

Bette Midler

Bette Midler is widely acknowledged as a legend for everything she has done in the music industry and in acting as well. She's received 3 Grammy's, 4 Golden Globe's, 3 Primetime Emmy's, 2 Tony's and has been nominated for 2 Academy Awards. Just these accolades alone put her in legend status, but she is also such a bright light in the industry and truly has been throughout her entire career.

Joni Mitchell

Joni Mitchell is a Canadian singer-songwriter that produced 19 beautiful albums that helped form a generation. Her songwriting talent is unbelievable and she has been touching people with her deeply poetic, personal lyrics and whimsical voice for decades.

All of these stars have had amazing careers in their own category and many have blazed their own paths entirely in order to receive this honor. The John F. Kennedy Center honorees are truly a prestigious class of icons and all of these nominated stars are expected to be present and ecstatic to be accepting this honor from the Center for Performing Arts at the upcoming national celebration of the arts.

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