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Punk rock... in the 20th century?

The Pursuit of Love is based on the lives of two best friends looking for love in early 20th century England.

The series, which Emily Mortimer wrote, directed and stars, is based on a 1945 novel of the same name.

"We follow two best friends between the wars. One girl, Fanny, is a quiet, more observant, careful person, and her cousin, her beautiful [and] glamorous cousin Linda, lives life like there's no tomorrow," Mortimer said.

Actress Emily Beecham plays conservative Fanny, and Cinderella star Lily James plays carefree Linda. Other stars include The Affair's Dominic West and Fleabag's Andrew Scott.

"[It's] just absolutely incredible to have such actors to work with and to direct. I also felt so grateful to them all for going with me on the ride and for trusting that someone who had never done it before."

Despite being a period piece, The Pursuit of Love does not shy away from modern subject matter like gender roles and sex.

"The book has a real kind of rock and roll soul, and I think I wanted to bring some of that spirit to the adaptation, so the costumes, and the scenery, and the music... it's all very kind of, hopefully, sort of punk rock."

The Pursuit of Love is streaming now on Prime Video.

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