Dr Hibbert

The Simpsons, the longest running animated program in television history, has recast the role of Dr. Hibbert from white actor Harry Shearer with black actor Kevin Michael Richardson, both of whom provide an array of voices for the show.

The voices are still remaining in house. While Harry Shearer has voiced Dr Hibbert for over three decades, he also provides the voices of Mr Burns and Smithers, and Ned Flanders.

Kevin Michael Richardson, on the other hand, has provided various supporting roles to the show in the past, and has many other recognizable voice acting roles, namely King Neptune in Spongebob Squarepants, Tombstone in The Spectacular Spiderman, and Jerome on Family Guy.

Not the First

Many adult animated series have chosen to take the step to make their casting more racially sensitive. In 2017, Hank Azaria stepped down from the role of Apu, an Indian character. Mike Henry made a similar move when he recused himself from the role of Cleveland Brown in Family Guy and The Cleveland Show.

It's good to see these shows that hold such a close place in our hearts making steps towards diversity and inclusion.

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