The Ultimate Playlist of Noise - Trailer (Official) • A Hulu Original

This movie is the ultimate collection of emotional manipulation. And yet…I was really moved by it.

It contrives a story that is cruel from the get go. And yet, that intentional cruelty, forces we the viewer to really think about things.
Our main character Marcus, played by Keean Johnson, is an audiophile. He loves music more than life. He has 2 pairs of headphones permanently attached to his ears at all times. And so, of course, our plot revolves around him knowing that he is soon to lose his hearing. Cruel, right?

But also ripe with emotional exploration.

Marcus goes on a journey to hear and record as many memorable sounds as he can, before the inevitable happens and he is permanently deaf.

Along the way he meets a beautiful young singer, played by an actress familiar to Handmaid's Tale fans, Madeline Brewer.

Of course his companion on this journey, would be a singer. More manipulation.

But, despite all the obvious tropes, this movie really got to me. I'm not embarrassed to admit I cried multiple times.
Not at the manipulated plot line. But at the heart of why that plot line was so inherently cruel.

Why do we take little things for granted? The sound of a soda can (or 100 cans) opening at once? The sound of a door lock clicking. The sound of bowling pins crashing in a perfect strike. The sound of our favorite person singing a song. Why do we take them for granted?

Of course it's just a metaphor for all the millions of things we don't stop to appreciate every day…until they're gone.

How many get-togethers did I find a way to get out of, before this pandemic? How many people's awkward hugs did I avoid? How many boring meetings, recitals or events did I suffer through?

Oh man, what I wouldn't give to have all of those opportunities back now.

No, I'm not going deaf not like Marcus. But after 10 months in quarantine, I sure do appreciate those little moments so much more.

So, put on those headphones and go along for the ride that is: The Ultimate Playlist of Noise.

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll feel manipulated. But in the end, hopefully, you'll appreciate everything a little bit more.

The Ultimate Playlist of Noise begins streaming Friday January 15th on Hulu.

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